Office workout

Office Workout has become an important part of the modern work environment. Many companies recognize the benefits that regular physical activity brings to their employees. Organizing exercise for employees allows for improved overall health, increased productivity, and reduced stress among the workforce.
Regular physical activity promotes teamwork, contributes to a positive work atmosphere, and improves the posture and energy of employees. Office Workout also benefits the company by reducing sick leave, increasing satisfaction and motivation, and fostering innovation and collaboration among departments.
Therefore, exercise for employees offers numerous advantages for both the employees and the companies. By choosing to invest in the well-being of their employees through exercise, organizations create a positive work environment that promotes health, productivity, and cooperation among the workforce.

Improved Health

Office Workout has an impact on improving health.


Regular physical activity promotes teamwork within the company.

Company Benefits

Office Workout brings benefits to companies as it reduces sick leave.

Positive Impact

Exercise increases satisfaction and motivation while fostering innovation.

Zumba® / Zumba Gold®

Office workout

We offer both versions of Zumba (Zumba® and Zumba Gold®) for Companies, and we tailor the appropriate workout based on the needs and preferences of each company.

We provide two forms of collaboration:

CIRCL Mobility™

Office workout

In addition to Zumba, we offer companies the revolutionary CIRCL Mobility™ workout. It is an excellent choice for employees as it combines multiple benefits for their well-being and performance in the workplace. This workout is designed for stretching and mobility, which is crucial for those who have sedentary jobs and spend extended hours in front of a computer. It is highly suitable for implementation during work hours as individuals don't sweat excessively during the exercises, allowing them to continue with their work after the session.

CIRCL Mobility™ sessions last for either 12 or 30 minutes, and the duration can be adjusted according to the company's needs and preferences. Furthermore, we can combine various programs (Zumba® / Zumba Gold® / CIRCL Mobility™) within the Office Workout. Each company has unique requirements, and we take your preferences into account when designing our offering to create a workout that brings joy to employees while providing significant benefits to both individuals and the company.

CIRCL Mobility™ is an innovative mobility program designed to improve flexibility, range of motion, and overall movement quality. It combines stretching exercises, dynamic movements, and targeted exercises to increase joint mobility, muscle flexibility, and overall body awareness. It is suitable for all fitness levels and helps optimize physical performance, prevent injuries, and enhance the body's potential.

Due to the nature of modern work environments, where many employees spend most of their time sitting at a desk, issues related to poor posture and limited mobility are common. CIRCL Mobility™ addresses these concerns with targeted exercises tailored to the demands of different job roles, reducing muscle tension and improving joint mobility.

One of the key advantages of CIRCL Mobility™ is its adaptability to all fitness levels. Employees can participate in the workouts regardless of whether they are beginners or more advanced, as the intensity of the exercises is adjusted to individual abilities. This fosters collaboration employees and ensures a safe and effective approach to training.

Regular CIRCL Mobility™ workouts bring numerous positive effects in the workplace. Improved flexibility and better posture can enhance comfort during work, reduce fatigue, and contribute to increased concentration and productivity. Additionally, group workouts promote teamwork and create a positive and motivating work environment, which has long-term benefits for the entire company.


We offer Zumba® / Zumba Gold® / CIRCL Mobility™ programs for employees. Additionally, we can provide a combination of different programs within the training for employees. When designing the offer, we take the company's preferences into consideration and collaboratively create a training program based on their desires and needs.

We also provide the option for your employees to attend our regular Zumba classes as per the schedule, with prior arrangement.

Training sessions for employees can be conducted either On-site or virtually through programs like Teams / ZOOM or others. Additionally, employees can also attend our regular Zumba classes with prior arrangement.

Training sessions for employees are conducted during working hours On-site at the company or virtually through programs like Teams / ZOOM or others. Additionally, employees can also attend our regular Zumba classes with prior arrangement.

Yes, workout sessions for employees can also be conducted virtually.

For the Zumba® and Zumba Gold® programs, no additional equipment is required. However, for the CIRCL Mobility™ program, an exercise mat is used.