Bring a friend and take advantage of the 2 for 1 SPECIAL OFFER!

  • Both dance for the price of 1 ticket*
  • Choose either a monthly or 3-month ticket

*One person makes the ticket purchase and, in the notes, writes the name and surname of the friend who will also use the ticket. Both are granted a ticket for the same time period (1 or 3 months). *Offer valid for the 2023/24 season, upon enrolling at least one new member. *Promotions and discounts are not cumulative.

Zumba Gold®

Zumba Gold is a specialized and inclusive fitness program designed for beginners, seniors, expectant mothers, and those seeking a low-impact workout. It offers a gentler approach to the energetic Zumba dance style, promoting joy, coordination, and cardiovascular fitness in a welcoming and supportive environment. Stay active, flexible, and uplift your spirit through the magic of dance with Zumba Gold!

It offers a fun and social exercise experience suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Monthly pass 1x/week includes 4 classes you attend within the month.

3-months pass 1x/week includes 12 classes you attend within the 3 months.

Free first class

The first visit to the training is free

20% discount for first registration

Use promo code: PRVIVPIS
applicable for monthly Zumba pass

15% discount for every additional family member

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10% discount for students

Use promo code: STUDENT

*Discounts don't add up

Choose the option that suits you and dance with us!

Purchase and use of Zumba pass is tied to a calendar month..

Transfer of missed classes is not possible to next month.

Purchase is possible until the 5th day in the month..

In case of purchase after that, the Zumba pass count towards the next month.

Price difference is calculated separately.


Dance experience is not needed as Zumba Gold is designed for beginners. The training is based on simplified choreographies, making it easier to follow, even for individuals with limited dance experience. The movements are adapted to be low-intensity and less strenuous compared to standard Zumba workouts.

Zumba Gold offers several advantages, including improving cardiovascular health, increasing muscular strength and endurance, enhancing flexibility, improving balance and coordination, reducing stress, and providing social interaction.

The training takes place in group exercise spaces. Participants should wear comfortable sportswear, supportive footwear (indoor sports shoes), and bring water and a towel.

Zumba Gold training lasts for 60 minutes. Each session includes warm-up, the main dance part, and cooldown.

No prior registration is required to attend the training.

You can join the classes at any time during the season. The indoor Zumba season runs from September to June.

All passes are tied to the calendar month. Purchases made until the 5th of the month are valid for the current month. Purchases made after the 5th are considered for the following month.

Missed classes (for already active passes) cannot be carried over to the following month. The exception is for serious health issues.

Missed classes (for already active passes) cannot be carried over to the next season.

The indoor Zumba season runs from September to June.