World-renowned Zumba instructor from Puerto Rico, ZJ Rony (Rony Gratereaut), is coming to Slovenia.

SATURDAY – 5.10.2024 – FROM 18:00 TO 21:00

Zumba with us

Join us for Zumba classes in person or virtually, where you'll shake to energetic music in the best company. Our Zumba classes are full of dancing, Latino rhythms, new music hits, good vibes, and quality choreographies.

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Zumba in person

Zumba in person

Join us for in person Zumba classes, where you'll shake to energetic music in the best company. Our Zumba classes are full of dancing, Latino rhythms, new music hits, good vibes, and quality choreographies.

Zumba in person

Zumba Gold is a specialized and inclusive fitness program designed for beginners, seniors, expectant mothers, and those seeking a low-impact workout. Stay active, flexible, and uplift your spirit through the magic of dance with Zumba Gold!

Virtual zumba

Virtual zumba

Access a variety of high-quality Zumba workout videos from the comfort of your home. Choose from different packages to suit your fitness level and preferences.

Virtual zumba

Join us online for Livestream Zumba classes, enabling you to dance with us in the comfort of your home. Experience great dance choreographies, amazing energy and be part of our Virtual Zumba community.

Who we are?

Zumbalicious Crew are Anita, Lara and Marjeta, licensed Zumba instructors and sports event organizers. Our classes and event organizing has been impressing visitors for a decade now, which is confirmed by the fact that the number of our "Zumba LOVERs" is rapidly growing.

Our crew consists of two sisters and a friend but we feel and function as a true family with one main thing in common, love of dance. Together we create, train, brainstorm, work and of course - dance.

Our goal is to offer best choreographies, energy, motivation and passion - not only for dance, but life in general.

We enjoy dancing and the moments when we spread good and positive vibrations.

Our Crew


Zumba instructor

She claims to be in love with dance. Dance has been a part of her since she was little, when she was a professional jazz ballet and step dancer. Through growing up she found her calling in Zumba and became a licensed instructor. She enjoys that role because she believes Zumba is not just a training, but a way of life. When dancing, she feels free, strong and happy.

In addition to dance, her inner fulfillment comes from family and friends, with whom she loves to create unforgettable moments. She's a mother of two adorable boys and an owner of a boutique playroom in Ljubljana.

Beach walks, good music, fresh morning coffee, yoga and moments alone charge her batteries.


Zumba instructor

She started her dance journey when she was 3 years old. After a long Hip-Hop career, she was honing her skills in a female salsa dance group and later in a Cuban salsa classes. She upgraded her passion for dance back in 2010 and became a licensed Zumba instructor. Dancing makes her happy and free, so this is why dance has always been a great part of her life.

She's employed in a pharmaceutical company and a mother to a playful boy. Moments she spends with friends and family mean a great deal to her.

In addition to Zumba, she loves traveling, good company, delicious food and several sports (snowboarding, wave surfing, scuba diving and gym to name a few).


Zumba instructor

Dance has been her daily companion ever since she was little. After twelve years of professional jazz ballet and step dancing, she found her new passion - latino rhythms. As part of a Master latin show dance group and later as a member of a female dance group Dance Soul Project she was performing at different salsa congresses. She decided to use her knowledge and passion to dance and invest it in a Zumba instructor license. Teaching Zumba is making her more than happy. The reason for that is quite simple: every Zumba class feels like a great party.

Her day jobs are real estate agent and accounting. In addition to dancing, she's inspired by travel, gourmet experiences, nature and creating unforgettable moments with her friends and family.

Why zumba with us?




Good vibes


Quality training

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Zumbalicious Crew gift card is a great idea for a holiday, birthday, or any other gift opportunity.

We can adjust the gift card to your wishes - you can choose between different prices related to our products (monthly passes, 3-monthly passes and season pass)

Give your friends and family a dose of positive energy, good vibes, and dancing to great music!

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