Teambuildings & Events

Nowadays, strengthening team spirit in companies is of crucial importance. Relationships among colleagues are built in the workplace but are further enhanced outside of it. Various events outside the workplace are needed, providing an opportunity for your team to relax and connect in a different sense. Team-building activities and other sports events will contribute to the fact that employees will become even more connected, feel a sense of belonging to the company, to each other, and create new relationship patterns in a fun way.


We can prepare a Zumba class for your company's team-building events.

Sports events

We can collaborate with you in sports events.


We can be part of different conventions.


We adapt the program to your wishes and needs.



Do you think about organizing a team building or internal event for your employees in your company? Do you need someone to break the ice and connect the whole team? Don't risk having your event turn into just a regular gathering; take it to the next level with the right content. We are happy to help and create a program that will get everyone on their feet and get their blood pumping.

We can tailor the Zumba program to your wishes and needs. The options include:

The program consists of dynamic dance choreographies and is intended for a wider audience without requiring any dance background. The steps are accompanied by Latin music that will definitely lift you on your feet. Participants need sportswear and sneakers. A smile and good mood are guaranteed after the workout!

Contact us, and we will be more than happy to prepare an offer for your event.

Sports events / Conventions


Zumbalicious Crew can become a part of your team at the sports event!

If you are organiying an event or convention and need content that is primarily fun, energetic, and dance-oriented, then you must include Zumba. It is a cardio workout based on interval training principles. The exercise helps strengthen the body, burn fat, and improve overall physical fitness. It brings the most benefits to an individual's psychophysical state, acting as an "anti-stress" therapy, making the workout truly unique.

We can tailor the Zumba program to your wishes and needs. The options include:

We will be more than happy to collaborate with you by preparing the Zumba class, suitable for your event, sports convention, marathon, or any other type of event.


We primarily offer Zumba training that can be fully customised to suit the client's needs. We can adjust the duration of the Zumba training, its difficulty level, repetitions, selection of music/choreographies, dance style, and more.

The price of the program depends on the event's duration, the number of participants, location, special requirements, and all specific client preferences. Please contact us for a quote, and we will be happy to prepare one for you.

Certainly, we can tailor the program's length to your needs and the requirements of the event. We are very flexible in this regard.

Yes, all three members of the crew are always present at the events since we operate as a team and not as individual instructors.

Absolutely. We would love to collaborate with you in creating the program. We are interested in the type of event, its purpose, expectations, the number of participants, and how long the Zumba part will be. All of these aspects are essential elements for designing the program.

Yes, we have participated in several similar events. We can highlight Migi Migi day (renamed to Dan miganja ZAME), Libi fest, and for several years, we have been organising our own sports events and Zumba Masterclasses in collaboration with world renowned instructors.